The Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. A celebration of Spanish cinema that promises to captivate audiences with an array of compelling films and engaging events, featuring world-renowned Spanish talents.

The festival presents a variation of genres through a hand-picked selection of 18 films. Showing the true variety and range of Spanish Cinema. With the movies, ASFF is proud to announce a star-studded lineup with some of the country’s greatest talents for Q&A sessions in addition to the exclusive premieres. Renowned filmmakers and talented actors, including Jaime Lorente, Alejandro Marín, La Dani, Javier Fesser, Omar Ayuso, Julia de Castro, and Miguel Faus, are set to grace the festival with their presence, adding an extra layer of excitement to the milestone celebration.

Locations of the festival include Tuchinski, Eye, Lab111, Het Documentaire Paviljoen in Amsterdam, and additionally Cinema Amstelveen in Amstelveen, and Filmkoepel in Haarlem. You can catch a movie in those locations from the 12th until the 21st of April.

Festival Highlights

Premiere: Disco, Ibiza, Locomía
The festival will kick off opening night with the premiere of DISCO, IBIZA, LOCOMIA. Actor Jaime Lorente, renowned for his spectacular performances in “La Casa de Papel” (The Money of Heist) and “Elite”, has joined the ASFF 2024 family to present this film followed by a Q&A session for the public. Not only will Jaime be present, original member of the Locomia band, Gard Passchier will be present during the premiere in his home country. Gard and Jamie will host a Q&A following the premier to discuss the crazy days on the island and fiction vs. reality of Ibiza in the 80’s. 

Special Event: On the Go
Omar Ayuso, a Renowned actor from Netflix’s “Elite” and director Julia De Castro, will be in attendance, adding their star power and creative insights to the festival and presenting their new film, “On the Go”. On the go is a story of two unlikely characters who set out on a journey together. The film highlights LGBTQIA+ themes, while Milagros stretches a carefree youth in her last years of fertility while Jonathan seeks solace in Grindr to overcome abandonment issues. A delirious road movie, full of music, where a mysterious mermaid will set the course of the journey.

“Being able to show ‘On the Go’ to the Dutch public attending the tenth edition of the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival is a privilege. This film is full of music, of artists that we admire and who have trusted us to be immortalized in 16mm. This generational portrait aims to transcend borders, so being scheduled in Amsterdam is part of a dream that María and I had speculated about. Spanish artistic expression in many disciplines is present in the film and we are sure that the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival audience will appreciate it.”

Julia de Castro

“‘On the go’ is a special project in my life. It is exciting to accompany the film on its journey outside of Spain. I love Amsterdam, it is a city where I have experienced very beautiful things, and I am especially excited to be part of the tenth anniversary of the Spanish Film Festival with my friend and director of the film Julia de Castro.”

Omar Ayuso

Closing Night: This Excessive Ambition
For the closing of the festival, upcoming talent and Latin Grammy Winner, C. Tangana and directors Santos Bacana, Cris Trenas and Rogelio González will present the documentary film, “This Excessive Ambition”. After the success of his first album, C.Tangana faces the challenge of creating the most ambitious tour of his career and revolutionizing the concept of live performance. ‘Esta ambición desmedida’ (This excessive ambition) is a journey that follows the artist for more than four years. From the genesis of the album in Cuba to the conceptualization of the show, the hostility of the negotiations, the rehearsals, the uncomfortable conversations, the most intimate celebrations, and the maelstrom of concerts throughout Spain and Latin America.

Alejandro Marín (Director) – Te estoy amando locamente / Love & Revolution: Alejandro Marín, acclaimed director, will join the festivities, bringing their creative collaboration to the spotlight. Their film promises to be a standout feature during the festival, showcasing the unique blend of storytelling and performance that characterizes their work. Te estoy amando locamente” is a Spanish film released in 2023 that intricately weaves together comedy and drama, depicting the complex relationships and romantic entanglements of a group of friends against the vibrant backdrop of 1970s Madrid around the Andalusian LGBTQIA movement. 

Javier Fesser (Director) – ‘Campeonex / Championext’:
Celebrated director Javier Fesser, known for his exceptional storytelling and cinematic vision, will be presenting his latest film, ‘Campeonex,’ at the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. The film is anticipated to captivate audiences with its narrative brilliance and visual prowess. “Campeones” is a heartwarming Spanish film released in 2023 that follows a basketball coach forced to train a team of intellectually disabled players, exploring themes of inclusion, teamwork, and the transformative power of sports.

“I feel very privileged to bring a piece of Spanish cinema to the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. Firstly because I am proud of the cinema that is made in Spain and secondly, because I firmly believe in the transformative power that films have when they travel.
I have always been extremely interested in foreign films, those that make me live and understand other realities and other ways of understanding life. And now, with this opportunity that the festival offers us, it will be the Amsterdam public who will be able to put themselves, with our films in Spanish, in the shoes of their southern neighbours.”

Javier Fesser