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Allow me to introduce myself ; my name is Asma Emy El Ghalbzouri and i am the Music and Culture editor for Numéro magazine Netherlands. As we strive to make up for lost time when it comes to music we would love to give you a recap and a small taste of all thats coming in 2020.

Let's start at the beginning and honor some of the most amazing festivals this summer. Mojo has been a big player in Holland for some time now and Lowlands has been their pride and joy. Although the festivals features quite a bit of hip hop acts,it didn’t stop them from wanting to dabble in a full hip hop festival and with great success if you ask us. WOO HAH is a splendid gathering in the south of Holland with a wide selection of hip hop’s latest and finest.

Mysteryland never ceases to disappoint either. A wide variety of house,edm and techno djs, all of them being household names in their genre, grace the immaculate and beautifully decorated stages for energetic sets. I have always had a soft spot hardstyle and hardcore. it is the most fascinating part of Dutch culture and grew to be a worldwide phenomenon. Defqon being one of the coolest and most celebrated of them all really blew me away this summer.

We also visited some festivals abroad in a region that is finally celebrated and honored for its amazing musical talent ; North Africa. We have choosen to explore Morocco and the country has stolen our musical hearts. We spoke to different established and emerging artists and we were mesmerized. Loco Dice, Chromeo and Yesin Bey played Oasis festival and I was so delighted to find out that Dave’s mother is from Moroccan jewish decent. I remember walking the streets of New York back when I used to be a hairstylist and got to assist backstage at the seasonal hectic fashion frenzy also known as fashion week. Chromeo blasting in my ears with help of revolutionary item called the ipod. Dj Kicks (remix) is one of the coolest albums out there and i will fight you for it.

Moroccan dj’s Yasmean, Dris Bennis aka Casa Voyager and African kings Art Comes First played immaculate sets and took us through a magical journey that embodies progressive Africa at Oasis festival.As the night progressed Walshy Fire,Art Comes First and Chromeo decided to share a stage and played a back to back which I will forever cherish as one of the most enchanting musical moments in my life.

Atlas Electronic gave us hedonistic and gypsy vibes. Dj Gan Gah showed up and out as he plays a set featuring well known edited chaabi and reggada songs. I must say he is one of my favorite discoveries yet!
Born in Morocco and now residing in Brussels,this Moroccan powerhouse mixes Moroccan folk music in techno and house edits making it possible to enjoy at any music festival. I would suggest you check out his Habib Tronics on Spotify,its the new wave chaabi music he created just for our enjoyment. Zohra Idrissi aka Gypzee seranedes us under a star filled sky with the sweetest funky songs. She reminds me of a young Erica Badu. Sassy and lyricly on point. This Moroccan beauty, who lives in London, has slowly but surely making her way in music and this time blessing us with this beautiful performance in this magical country she calls home as well.

The interviews with all these amazing artists and more are featured in our music and culture special about Morocco which will be posted in 2020!

We lavishly resided in excellent care at Riad 144 in the old town of Marrakech as owner Jean Witho opened his heart and home to wandering artists and reporters. This Riad has a few of the most exciting and beautiful rooms I have ever seen. Each one with a different theme displaying different sides and styles of Morocco. The Berber room displaying beautiful amazigh art or the more “modern” room if you will with African contemporary pieces. Tobias the turtle roams free in the communal area just to make sure all the guests have a good time and will join you for your afternoon tea or beautiful glass of wine.

We have some great interviews with legendary djs, producers, rockstars and rappers making its way to online and print. We spoke to the movers and shakers when it comes to innovation in sound, venues, managing artists and festivals. We had drinks with emerging artists and went to heaps of listening parties to share in their new found excitement.

We can't wait to share more and to inspire you to listen to great artists and visit different places around the world to change your “backdrop” as you dance the night away.

We wish a very magical 2020!

aftermovie of Oasis Festival: 

special thanks to Riad 144 –

Asma Emy el Ghalbzouri