Experience music from the inside out as some of the world’s most exciting artists – including The National and slowthai – come together for an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

This year, Sonos is celebrating the arrival of the Google Assistant on the Sonos system with The Brilliant Sound Experience: an immersive, multi-sensory exhibition featuring the brilliant sound of Sonos, guided by the smart control of Google Assistant. Highlighting new music and perspectives from The National and slowthaiThe Brilliant Sound Experiencewill uncover the key elements that make up brilliant sound – letting you hear, feel, and see it first-hand.

The Brilliant Sound Experience

At Sonos, we want to inspire the world to listen better, which is why this sonic experience explores how sound works, how it layers into music, and why that music resonates with us on an emotional level. Guests of The Brilliant Sound Experience will see sound visualized in light, physically stepping inside the inner workings of a song. 

Main Room: Structure of a Song –  The National and slowthai

When does sound become music? How do different sounds come together to make a song? In the main room, guests will be invited to explore the dynamic and layered composition of tracks created by The National, ‘Rylan’ from new album I Am Easy To Find, and slowthai’s exclusive new single ‘Toaster’ from his debut album There’s Nothing Great About Britain, taking guests through multiple soundwave-producing “instruments.”

“For many of our fans, ‘Rylan’ has taken on a life of its own. It’s great we’re able to give people the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the song – both audibly and visually – through The Brilliant Sound Experience,”said Scott Devendorf, The National.

Room 2: Emotion of Music feat. select tracks from Beggars Group catalogue

Music has the unique ability to make us laugh or cry unexpectedly, which is why this second room will have guests don an EEG headband while listening to evocative songs from the iconic Beggars Group labels (4AD, Matador, Rough Trade Records, XL Recordings and Young Turks) to better understand their brain’s responses to songs that represent a spectrum of emotions.

“Music has the unique ability to make us feel more deeply, and for us to be able to leverage our catalogue of artists in partnership with Sonos to tap into those powerful emotions is incredibly exciting. We have thoughtfully curated emotionally-driven playlists and hope fans will be delighted and surprised by the eclectic mix of artists,” said Sonya Kolowrat, VP of Communications and Press + US Head Of Catalog, Beggars Group.

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Timotej Letonja