Last week, Numéro Netherlands returned to Portugal for Sónar Lisboa, announcing the long-awaited commencement of the festival season. In its third round, Sónar’s Lisbon edition marked its stamp in the international electronic music scene, alongside the leading figures of Portugal’s contemporary music landscape.
Located at the heart of the city, Parque Eduardo VII provided the backdrop for the festival. Up the hill lies the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, a structure steeped in history and legacy. It served as the centerpiece, welcoming artists from sixteen different countries that blended Lisbon’s essence with sounds from all around the globe. 

What resonated deeply with us was that the festival brought back a sense of community. The attendees spanned across generations, reflecting a diverse mix of individuals united by their shared passion for music. Everyone was in it for that love of music, creating an atmosphere of pure celebration and a harmonious blend of culture and creativity. 

As it becomes increasingly challenging these days to stumble upon a well-curated lineup that leaves room to discover new artists and music, Sónar Lisboa’s stellar performances and sets gave us space to fully enjoy and immerse in the spectrum of electronic music and, above all, discover some new faces. 

Friday kicked off with the presence of vinyl legend Helena Hauff, known for her distinctive sound that navigates with paradoxes. Her music brings retro vibes and a futuristic edge, weaving rough elements with timeless classics, characterized as “wild and different, rough yet slick, experimental and raw, and exciting and energetic,” as Helena described her sound to us in a few words.
The DJ played her debut for the Lisbon edition and holds a special connection to Sónar: “I love Sónar. I’ve played so many times for them and I have so many great memories.” 
That night she appeared with a B2B with IMOGEN fusing each other’s sounds effortlessly for hours. 

What can we expect from the B2B with IMOGEN?

“High energy! IMOGEN is so refreshing and fun to play with so it’s gonna be great.”

Helena Hauff

What’s your favorite festival essential?

“Water and my record bag!”

Helena Hauff

While renowned artists like DJ Gigola kept the energy high with their signature fresh and groovy beats infused with funky melodies, one new discovery for us was ZenGxrl. The Lisbon original holds a special place for fashion and the feeling she gets while being on stage. Dressed in an oversized fit designed in collaboration with Electronic Beats and Superconscious Berlin, ZenGxrl exudes a style that mirrors her creative essence. When we asked about her affinity for fashion, she said, “It comes very natural to me. I come from fashion, and if I’m dressed in a certain way I feel more creative. Sometimes I even think about a certain outfit or piece when I hear a certain track or sound. It just goes hand in hand.”  

ZenGxrl’s sound is shaped by its infectious groove and raw authenticity and she recently started producing her own music. Describing her sound identity, ZenGxrl expressed, “It’s music that resonates with soul and always reflects my Angolan roots.” 

What’s your favorite festival essential?

“My perfume, ‘Replica: Jazz Cafe’”


Favorite track at the moment?

‘Tasty’ by Shygirl!”


Shygirl served us with some fresh productions while presenting her new album Club Shy, igniting the crowd with infectious pop bangers à la Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani. 


With the imminent release of their new album, L’Ecstasy, Tiga and Hudson Mohawke marked their creative partnership by presenting their live show, Love Minus Zero. Their performance featured a collection of sixteen tracks that reinterpret their personal memories of raving while blending technicolor trance and 4 am deep house, alongside blissful hardcore tracks and heartfelt vocal jams. Ahead of the show, the duo accentuated the innovative nature of their artistry: “When we play together, we’re still discovering our sounds – a combination of our own productions, built around a techno foundation. […] We don’t wanna be like anything or anyone else.

Tiga & Hudson Mohawke

How do you perceive Sónar?

“We’ve played at Sónar a bunch of times over the years. Sónar Barcelona is one of the festivals I’ve played at the most. We’re big fans, it’s always been great.”

Tiga & Hudson Mohawke

Favorite festival essential?

“I always need my car ride sorted to leave.”

Tiga notes with a laugh, reminiscing about those times when the nights seemed to stretch on forever.

Next up was cultural icon Tommy Cash, bringing an extravaganza of upbeat, happy hardcore vibes with a live performance that exuded infectious energy. His unconventional mix of hip hop, experimental electronica, and hyperpop had us dancing throughout his entire set.

Another discovery was Nia Archives, the charming girl who met us before her show wearing the Denim Tears x Dr. Martens collaboration. She releases her debut album next month, showcasing her unique blend of styles, and adding a fresh and dynamic energy to the scene. Her set provided a glimpse of what we can anticipate from her debut album next month – a stellar collection of hi-fi hooks and hard-hitting dance music.

What can we expect from your debut album?

“It’s gonna be strange [laughs]. A lot of different emotions and vibes. I like it so I hope people will like it as well!”

Nia Archives

Dutch-Iranian singer Sevdaliza was on stage with another live performance blending R&B, soul, and punk with classical elements. We could even spot Björk enjoying her set dressed in an imposing white wedding gown.

Meanwhile, Japanese producer Wata Igarashi hypnotized the crowd on an outdoor stage, immersing us in his deep psychedelic techno live set, which made us feel his music through our bodies and minds.

A standout moment also was the performance of Berlin electronic music maestro Paul Kalkbrenner. His expansive live show was a true cinematic experience with live visuals of him playing pulsating rhythms and emotive melodies for the fully captivated crowd.

Paul Kalkbrenner

Eliza Rose closed the festival on Sunday with her ability to keep the dance floor moving, including us. The vinyl DJ delivered a high-octane set blending house, UK garage, breakbeat, and jungle – an exhilarating climax to an incredible weekend at Sónar Lisboa 2024.