Titled ‘Pure Rebel’ after Songzio’s 24SS collection, this campaign is the brand’s first collaboration with Cho Gi-Seok. Following his signature cult and dramatic aesthetic, Cho Gi-Seok explores the scenes of fragility, threat, order, change, disorder and rebellion through a cinematic series of artistic imageries.

Infusing Songzio’s avant garde designs with chogiseok’s artistic photography and dramatic storytelling, this campaign tells the story of pure rebels voyaging through different stages of growth from a position of pure fragility to a rebellious strength.

This campaign was also first revealed in a collaboration pop up event with Dazed Korea, exhibited in Seoul’s most trendy and artistic neighborhood, Seongsu. covering an entire 4 stories building with wide printed images, the exhibition will be in view during the 24FW Seoul Fashion week.

Songzio’s 24SS collection ‘Pure Rebel’ presents the brand’s unique art fashion by converging the classical and the modern, as well as oriental and occidental.

Aesthetics. designed in Songzio’s Seoul atelier and presented during the last paris Mens Fashion Week, the 24SS collection showcases inventive and creative patterns and garment-making. Implementing the house’s distinctive silhouettes and designs through diverse technical designs, Songzio creates a collection with its unique creative philosophy, ‘paint on black’ whereby each collection originates from a painting on a black canvas.

In Songzio’s paintings, the vertical strokes represent the subject, while the horizontal strokes express the subject’s emotions. The layered and intertwined fabrics cut both vertically and horizontally are the visual representations of this creative process.