This season, Songzio presents its 30 year anniversary collection from Paris. Titled ‘Pure Rebel’, Songzio’s 24 Spring Summer collection captures the pure yet subversive essence of the house.

Sculptural in stillness, yet fluid in motion, this collection unveils Songzio’s orderly disorder, converging the house’s deconstructivist designs with Oriental elegance and youthful edge. This collection converges the classical and the new, converging the brand’s unique and artistic designs with a new sense of youthful ready-to-wear and tailoring. Inspired by ancient Korean garments and armor, this collection features Songzio’s signature cocoon silhouette and volume, delicately deconstructed with multi-layered drapes and plated cuts.

Prevalent throughout the collection are the multi-draped and layered pieces. From blazers, jackets, shirts to trousers, the horizontally cut pieces are worn with vertically layered inner pieces made in leather, habotai, and silk.

With such pieces, this season materializes Songzio’s creative process ‘paint on black’. Every collection begins on a black canvas where the season’s inspirational painting is drawn. In Songzio’s multi-layered paintings, the vertical strokes represent the object while the horizontal strokes represent its emotions.

This concept of strokes and layers is also applied in this season’s accessories. Plate-layered shoulder bags, pouches, as well as classic rounded Derby and ribboned loafers accentuate the collection. This season also features the brand’s collaboration shoes with Reebok inspired by this season’s signature plates and draped wings. Songzio’s 24SS collection features a contrasting use of heavy/sculptural fabrics and ultra-light/fluid fabrics. Voluminous and sharp leather, wool silk and satin cotton, are used alongside a fluid and transparent array of silk, organza, and habotai.

Along with Songzio’s signature black, this season’s color palette is light and soft: ivory, beige, ecru, crème, accentuated by pale lime and salmon pink.

published by Nadia ten Hove