Sónar, a world-leading art, design, electronic and experimental music festival, finally expanded its editions to Lisbon in early April 2022. The festival is mainly known for bridging the gap between contemporary creativity and the emerging digital technology industries.

The new Lisbon location, added to numerous editions in various cities worldwide, focused on a more daytime and multidisciplinary atmosphere. It hosted a wide range of shows and performances from around 100 artists including Arca, The Blaze, Nina Kraviz and Honey Dijon helt at several locations in the Portuguese capital. All of this took place as part of a nighttime program focused on electronic music and audiovisual experiences combined with a daytime program of conferences, exhibitions and shows. Unique to Sónar, the festival was curated by a combination of diverse creatives, scholars and researchers from different fields exploring creativity as one of the leading forces transforming reality in the 21st century. These diverse influences coming together fuel technological innovation and business and social change through the ability of creators to inspire and explore new worlds. Sónar Lisboa also served as a stage for the intersection of artists, designers, technologists and entrepreneurs to stimulate new economic, social and environmental approaches.

This leads to a key characteristic of the festival – its approach to sustainability. It creatively contributes to the future of sustainable developments through exchanges about the future of electronic music, audiovisual experiences and digital art.

Sónar Lisboa provided an immersive and intense experience that fused music, creativity and technology in the most iconic locations of Lisbon – an impressive adventure not to be forgotten. Next year’s edition will take place from March 31st to April 2nd, 2023, where Sónar will once again captivate the attendees in its uniquely fascinating way.