Casa Batlló and Sónar, two of Barcelona’s leading cultural institutions, are teaming up to offer groundbreaking music and visual art experiences by internationally renowned artists with THE CUBE. 

THE CUBE, a world-leading audiovisual space located in the basement of the iconic Gaudí building in Barcelona, kicks off on 24 May with the world premiere of Music:Response, a thrilling audiovisual installation featuring re-worked music by The Chemical Brothers, and kaleidoscopic visuals by Smith & Lyall.

With THE CUBE, Sónar and Casa Batlló offer a new narrative for audiovisual experiences, one that is built with pixels, high-end audio and input from leading artists, creators and engineers. More than a venue: it is a blank canvas for creativity that allows the participants to be transported into the heart of the music. 

The creative universe The Chemical Brothers and Smith & Lyall present for live performances, many of which have been performed at Sónar over the years, is second to none, and Sónar is thrilled to be able to help bring their mould-breaking vision to a whole new audience with this collaboration.

Enric Palau, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Sónar

Visual arts and music come together in this collaboration that combines the musical curatorship of Sónar and the living museum of Casa Batlló, a monument that in recent years has reached a whole new audience through its commitment to innovation and digital art. The exhibition is available from May 24 to July 31.

We have the perfect setting to make any artist’s universe shine. A world-leading audiovisual space where artists can intervene with total creative freedom. It’s the perfect canvas for any creator and, in it, The Chemical Brothers and Smith & Lyall have designed an audiovisual experience that will enchant more than just their fans.

Gary Gautier, CEO of Casa Batlló

This artwork features iconic characters and abstract visuals made in reaction to THE CUBE space that play on feelings of tension and release. Inspired by the tradition of ‘Visual Music’, it offers a visceral, synaesthetic experience that allows visitors to feel the transformative and liberating power of music.  

Tickets are on sale at with limited capacity.