FUTURE is now: the iconic Atlanta born musician and producer introduces his collection for LANVIN LAB, characterised by the strength and attitude he is known for.

Nicknamed PLUTO, symbolising regeneration and transformation to achieve a new perspective – qualities of our solar system’s former ninth planet. An auspicious personality to inaugurate the LANVIN LAB project, a creative hub for artists and designers seeking to foster creative collaboration and unique cultural dialogue.

The discovery of Pluto dates back to 1930, a time when Jeanne Lanvin was buoyed by a wave of creativity, designing with elan and offering striking collections focused on the wearer’s comfort. As founder of Freebandz, an entertainment company with a focus on family, the mother and daughter relationship of Jeanne and Marguerite appeals greatly to FUTURE.

Music, which has influenced the history of the house, is the theme of this first edition of LANVIN LAB: Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter and muse Marguerite was herself an accomplished musician.

“I created a vibe with this collection, something you can feel when you wear it,” FUTURE says. “Jeanne Lanvin drew inspiration from her life and lifestyle. We are the same in that way, we create from experience.”

The LANVIN LAB by FUTURE collection is unisex, and emphasises FUTURE’s love of layering and tailoring, with an impressive flair for accessories. Hats in faux fur are worn with sunglasses, or stacked over or under hoods. Metal accents feature throughout: on belts, bags, gloves and leather goods. Sleep sets comprising slippers, a pillow and mask make the chance to dream literal.

Two symbols carry particular meaning: the Eagle, evoking courage, majesty and truth, as well as a sense of flying high with bird’s eye vision. The Star, protective and empowering, guides the way forward.

FUTURE has drawn upon the LANVIN archives to create an exquisite jacket where metallic studs are embroidered onto leather, forming a dazzling constellation. He has printed typography from 1930s-1940s LANVIN perfume campaigns onto denim. FUTURE takes the opportunity to establish his own updated sneaker: the Curb 3.0.

Photographed by Joshua Woods for the campaign, alongside model Amelia Gray, FUTURE celebrated both the collection and his birthday to come on 18 November in Las Vegas at the LANVIN boutique.

LANVIN LAB actively invites creatives from an array of disciplines to help articulate and expand the house’s storied heritage and codes, offering a space to dream and play.

The LANVIN LAB by FUTURE collection will be released over several drops on his birthday, 20 November, and following early 2024.