The first sustainable and vegan brand for phone cases.

After having worked together at a large commercial phone brand, power couple Seger and Kristie dreamed of founding their own company. A company which focuses on values they consider important: sustainability, honesty and animal welfare. With Casey Amsterdam they realized that dream as they have now launched the first sustainable and vegan phone case brand.

The new way of carrying your phone:

The collection consists of a sustainable line of cases made of biodegradable material and a vegan line of cases made of high-quality faux leather. The label was also the first to design a phone case which you wear on the long side of the phone (like a holster). This way your phone is worn close to your body, and you won’t have it dangling down like the existing phone bags. Typically something which makes you wonder: why wasn’t this on the market already? Surely to say that this is the result of the creative "out-of-the-box" thinking that characterizes the brand. 

Quality and environment:

Casey Amsterdam always strives for the highest possible quality while taking the environment into account. This is at the heart of their brand culture; from the manual manufacturing of the products to sustainable decision making in respect of all steps of the manufacturing, transport and sales processes. In addition, the brand is on a mission towards a world in which we no longer wear or use real leather. We strongly oppose to the way we are currently treating our animals. Casey is therefore proud to have obtained the Peta Approved Vegan quality mark for the premium microfiber material they developed themselves. "It looks like leather. It feels like leather. It endures like leather. But it's vegan."

As a fashion accessory, a practical way to store your phone, or as a conscious choice to contribute to a world where sustainable and fair manufacturing is practiced.  Casey Amsterdam is the first Dutch brand to produce vegan phone cases with the upmost love and passion.