SO/Paris, the latest jewel in the Ennismore Group’s hotel collection, has established itself in the city of Paris for the first time. With a privileged location on the banks of the Seine, this is not just an ordinary hotel, but rather a true journey along the water. Each floor of this venue is a unique blend of art and fashion, creating a breathtaking experience. 

The architecture and design agency RDAI was inspired by the undulations of the city of Paris and its historical roots to design the hotel’s interior. Rena Dumas, founder of the agency in 1972 and famous for her collaborations with Hermès around the world, left the direction to Denis Montel and Julia Capp, two talented architects who created a timeless setting where the harmony between materials, craftsmanship and technology is omnipresent.

“We drew our inspiration from the archives of Paris, the geography of the Île Louviers and the roots of the city to design this universal and timeless symbol, this drop of water that ripples out into infinite circles. At the SO/Paris hotel, concentric circles, ricochets, vibrations and good vibes emanate through all the décor”. 

Denis Montel

The hotel is not only a luxurious and sophisticated place to stay, but it is also infused with the culture and contemporary art of the city of Paris. Neil Beloufa’s artwork, entitled Le Phare de Paris, is a true manifestation of the city’s daily life, illuminating the hotel with its artistic brilliance.

The artistic selection has been carefully chosen by the Emerige Group, giving guests the opportunity to experience contemporary art in the same way they would in a museum. This intimate relationship with the art and culture of Paris provides a unique and memorable experience for those who stay at this establishment.

“ The hotel is one of my favorites in Paris, and I go there very often. What I like is the ultra-modern atmosphere and the breathtaking view from the upper floors. Breakfast is served in a very pleasant space, while the restaurant on the top floor offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. The location is also ideal for exploring Paris. But what really makes this hotel special is its exceptional hospitality. As soon as you step into the lobby, you are immediately immersed in an almost museum-like atmosphere, which creates an unforgettable experience. I look forward to staying at this hotel again, as I am sure it will be another memorable experience.” 

Timotej Letonja, Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of Numéro NL

With 162 rooms and suites, Bonnie’s restaurant, the Paris Society bar and club, the Maison CODAGE Spa, a gym and breathtaking views of the city, SO/Paris is the perfect place to stay in Paris.