Smyrna (est. 2023) is the brainchild of Chief Creative Officer Tunahan Turna. His punk-inspired label Smyrna is provocative and recognizable. Smyrna sets trends, and the challenging, dark and sometimes aggressive designs are Turna’s response to the established order. He draws inspiration from the art scene and is known for his avant-garde and socially critical approach to fashion.

Smyrna’s items are more than clothing. They represent a lifestyle. Smyrna is therefore not a brand, but a new (sub)culture. Smyrna is home to unique characters, with a natural sense of authentic self-expression. The label is not defined by generation, gender or preferences.

At Smyrna, creativity, research and development go hand in hand. Smyrna works with materials that have not been used before in the fashion industry and materials that are reused. Consider, for example, a water-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-retardant, but at the same time breathable fabric that is normally used to make firefighter suits. Smyrna’s hoodies weigh 620 grams and are therefore of high quality. You can recognize the jeans by a heavy denim fabric. Smryna develops the washes for jeans in certified factories in Turkey.

The debut collection (SS23) is inspired by the gothic scene and gabber culture and is now available online at The first ‘drop’ consists of oversized denim with unique washes, a buttery soft leather bomber jacket and high quality T-shirts, hoodies and long sleeves. The label launches two collections in the first year. From SS24 (Spring/Summer 2024) two pre-collections will also be added.

The collection will be found on

As founder, Tunahan Turna was previously at the helm of the well-known brand Flâneur Homme.

Photographer: Martijn Kuyvenhoven