For their fall winter 2023 collection, Irakli Rusadze creative director of Georgian brand Situationist is happy to announce his collaboration with Yaspis brand founded by a Ukrainian, Nina Kolomiitseva.

Yaspis is a young brand that was launched in 2021. The aim is to use unique shapes, comfortable wardrobe that can be worn as a second skin. Bold printed fabrics are the essence of the brand’s identity, as an image of the energy surrounding us through natural elements.

Irakli and Nina met each other 5 years ago. Nina quickly became a friend of the brand. Based on the mutual values and visions, the founders of both brands decided to collaborate and create a new collection together.

As a result, this season feature strong tailoring and revisited essentials, various printed medium as leather, knit and bamboo mesh used like a guiding thread through the collection, as well as quirky evening wear and outerwear.