A Perfect Pair in the Perfect Pair 

Sissi Pohle and Patrick Scherzer both enjoy reinventing themselves over and over again and communicate this to the world through their online vintage store and pop-up stores, where they sell vintage clothing and interior. Besides this, the pair are sought-after creative directors as well. They bring their unique aesthetic to every project they take on.

With their excellent eye for detail and their passion for vintage fashion, it’s no wonder they are the perfect pair for ARMEDANGELS first 100% recycled cotton DetoxDenims. Using 80% pre-consumer and 20% post-consumer waste reduces carbon emissions, land use, energy and water consumption that would otherwise be required to grow new cotton. Recycling meets vintage- both aim to reduce waste and preserve resources. On top, Sissi & Pat show that it looks great as well: With their outfits, they demonstrate how to wear head-to-toe denim. In addition, they provide their insights on why less is more and share their experiences with this amazing material and personal fashion tips. The Denims will be sold via the ARMEDANGELS website (armedangels.com).

What is your favorite piece of the collection and why?

Our favorite piece of the collection is the thick denim jacket with the two chest pockets (TAALE and AANOJ). Especially in our current everyday life, which takes place between renovating the house and creative work – practical pieces are at the top of our list. The denim jacket stores everything you need and always gives you a free hand. In addition, this piece feels like a second skin and gives you a good attitude.

What is the best way to unite old and new?

We have been mixing our vintage pieces with new pieces for years. This is our way to be open for new sustainable fashion and to revive old pieces. Both parts tell a story together and create a look that is unique. The reason why our closet is in constant exciting motion.

Is denim a special piece of clothing for you and do you have any hack for styling it?

Denim and jeans materials are strongly rooted in the history of fashion. We still see denim as a very rough material and love the reference of the material with workwear. It is also a real all- rounder – whether classic, chic or rock n roll. Denim is something for everyone and accessible to all ages. The material has the particularity to live with the time, to wash out and to look worn. By wearing it, denim takes on a character that cannot be recreated industrially or in design. The material can be combined with all other materials, but we think it is even nicer to combine it with the same material – denim on denim. A complete denim look can be simple yet exciting. You have the option to work with funky bags or shoes as well as big exciting jewelry. You can think of it as a blue canvas that is perfect as a basic framework and allows for many possibilities to add to it.

Why did you decide to work with ARMEDANGELS? Why is this company a fit for you?

Some time ago we already had the opportunity to work with ARMEDANGELS about DetoxDenim. The company’s attitude towards the environment and the careful production of the pieces we are allowed to wear, leave no room for doubt that the brand might not suit our way of thinking. The visual language of ARMEDANGELS also appealed to us because it is not only minimalist and leaves room for creative realization – it is colorful and diverse. A good combination to start an exciting partnership.