After a challenging year, talented local Amsterdam artists are eager to explore who we are post-pandemic with the new exhibition “New You” on display at the Sir Art Studio through September. The gallery is located on Amsterdam’s vibrant Albert Cuypstraat, down the street from Sir Albert hotel.

The Sir Art Studio was introduced in December 2020 by Sir Hotels and curated by Amsterdam-based trend watcher, creative consultant and art lover Bionda Sno, who said, “My goal is to introduce artists who are underexposed by the traditional institutions.” The Sir Art Studio is a platform for emerging artists. The range of different artistic styles offers works for art connoisseurs and buyers, but also people who are new to the Amsterdam art scene.

EXHIBITION: “NEW YOU” – On display from June 5 to September 15, 2021

What started as a three-week lockdown became 15 months of separation and silence. This new exhibition titled “New You” explores nine artist’s development during this unprecedented time from multifaceted, eclectic perspectives. AntoineAlljan and Deyrinio take visitors on a journey of sustainability and the continuous life of fabrics. Aron creates inner reflection with his portraits that function as a mirror. Daan emphasizes the divinity of self-care in mind, body and soul with his fine drawings. Corine and Esmay make the connection between the inner ‘you’ and how society will receive that new ‘you’. Finally, Matt and Romain (Hanging Petals) remind visitors to be kind to the new ‘you’ with bouquets that had a past life and now live on.

During Amsterdam Art Weekend, the Sir Art Studio is open from June 17–19 and 24–26 between 12:00–17:00. Visits outside of these times can also be scheduled by sending an email to