Known as the Godfather to modern club culture in France for the past decade, Shlømo is one of techno’s most cherished talents. After a multiple collobarations with artists like Vladimir Cauchemar, KRL MX and Peligre, and releasing a full EP under his Vipa Diva moniker in the last year, Shlømo is returning with a new ingle, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ at his own Taapion Records.

Now available on all streaming platforms, the aptly titled release signifies the official solo return of one of techno’s most sought-after artists. Shlømo, no stranger to topping Beatport charts, consistently delivers high-quality productions showcasing his technical prowess. This has firmly established his reputation in the upper echelons of techno, one of electronic music’s rapidly expanding sub-genres.

Accompanying the release of ‘I’m Not Done Yet,’ Shlømo announces the new schedule for his latest series of Welcome Back Devil events across Europe and North America. These events feature a carefully curated lineup of the globe’s most exciting underground talents, making them a cornerstone brand in the techno community and offering an authentic club experience internationally. ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ exemplifies Shlømo’s return with its pulsating techno energy, characteristic of his style.

In contrast to typical hard techno tracks, Shlømo’s latest offering effortlessly balances emotion and functionality, delivering an intense club experience rich in sonic exploration. Ideal for peak moments on the dance floor, the track captures the essence of dark, sweaty clubs where Shlømo’s techno originated. ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ blends raw intensity with celestial elements, showcasing Shlømo’s mastery of rhythmic complexity and industrial synth textures.

Combining elements of techno, schranz, and IDM, Shlømo’s solo resurgence underscores his status as a pioneer in the genre. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of techno’s underground scene has solidified his relevance and elevated him to one of dance music’s most sought-after artists. Through his popular Welcome Back Devil events and acclaimed Taapion imprint, Shlømo has left an indelible mark on the music circuit, fostering a community ethos that prioritizes exceptional music above all else.