Shiseido launches their new POP Eye Collection, with it’s new POP Powder Gel eyeshadow texture as the star product of the collection. Taking a multisensory approach, James Boehmer, Global Artistic Director for Shiseido makeup, designed 18 shades in 3 different textures: each shade inspired by a sound. At the heart of the collection’s campaign is Hunter Schafer: model, actress, LGBTQ+ activist, and apple of the eye of the Numéro brand. 

“Whether it be a single note or a harmonious melody of color, SHISEIDO Makeup’s new POP Eye Collection delivers bold pigment with graphic precision. “Intrinsic to the brand’s DNA, we took a multisensory approach when developing this range,” says Yoshiaki Okabe, Chief Brand Officer for SHISEIDO. “Our goal was to fuse sound with makeup, a medium that is traditionally thought of as visual and textural.”

The lineup consists of revolutionary products and tools that can be combined to create expressive eye looks: POP PowderGel Eye Shadow, HANEN FUDE Eye Shading Brush, KATANA FUDE Eye Lining Brush, and five new shades of the best-selling MicroLiner Ink. “Adding a pop of color and texture to lids or lash lines instantly wakes up eyes and helps you feel a little bit more on,” says James Boehmer, Global Artistic Director for SHISEIDO Makeup.

The star product in the collection is the POP PowderGel Eye Shadow, which features groundbreaking Hybrid Powder-Gel Technology. This silky-smooth texture offers the rich payoff of a pigment with the ease of a cream and the staying power of a powder. As bold as they are blendable, these high-performance shadows are inspired by pachiri, a Japanese expression that refers to the “snap” of a camera and loosely translates to “eye-popping effects,” explains Boehmer. Available in 18 brilliant shades and three multidimensional finishes, each color in this vivid range pops with its own unique sound.

The face of this new collection is none other than Hunter Schafer, SHISEIDO Makeup’s Global Brand Ambassador. As an actress and artist, Schafer regularly uses color to express her creativity and convey different characters both on screen and off. “The beauty of makeup is that it can help bring how you feel outwards and even change your mood,” says Schafer. “Color has the power to trigger everything from emotion to sound.”

INNOVATION: To achieve an entirely new texture that performs like a powder with the intensity of a pigment and the staying power of a gel, SHISEIDO Makeup used Hybrid Powder-Gel Technology. This innovation lends this unique eye shadow a strong-yet-elastic structure that also functions as a protective moisture barrier. Housed in an ultra-slim compact with a mirror and a magnetic closure, the weightless formula is infused with spherical silica (for a silky feel and a friction-free application), film-forming gel polymers (for a flexible texture that provides enhanced wear), wakame extract (an antioxidant-rich Japanese sea algae that protects and smooths), and a high percentage of pigments and pearls (for saturated color and supreme radiance).

BOLD MINIMALISM: Available in 18 bold shades and three finishes—matte, shimmer, and sparkle—this comfortable, easy-to-blend shadow delivers waterproof and crease-resistant color for long-lasting lid looks. “Because these powder shadows behave more like a gel, you also don’t get that typical dusting or fallout under the eyes,” says Boehmer.

COLOR INSPIRATION: Influenced by the vibrant colors found in Japanese graphic art, anime, and manga, this statement-making collection includes everything from a soft taupe to a high-volume violet. “Even the more subtle shades still have intensity and depth,” says Boehmer of these universally flattering shadows that work across all skin tones and never look washed out. Playing off the fact that the Japanese language incorporates more onomatopoeia than any other language, each color is named after an expressive sound, emotion, or action. For example,shari-shari loosely translates to the sound of ice crackling beneath your feet, while waku-waku describes the nervous excitement one feels before a date.

J-BEAUTYTIP: “The high concentration of pigment and pearl allows you to customize your application and finish,” explains Boehmer. For a quick wash of color, use your ring finger to glide the silky shadow across eyes. To achieve a more diffused effect, reach for the NANAME FUDE Multi Eye Brush. The new HANEN FUDE Eye Shading Brush is designed to pick up the max amount of pigment and deposit it liberally across skin, making it perfect for more saturated looks. For a statement-making smoky eye, Boehmer suggests blending a darker shade close to the lash lines and brightening up the inner corners with a shimmery color using the KATANA FUDE Eye Lining Brush. These shadows can also be layered over other products, such as Kajal InkArtist or MicroLiner Ink, for added depth and intensity.

18 Shades:

Shin-Shin Crystal (shimmering white) – The hushed sound of light snow falling.

Horo-Horo Silk (sparkling champagne) – The quiet sound of tears falling.

FuwaFuwa Peach (matte peach) – The warm, fluffy feeling of being in love

Sube-Sube Beige (matte beige) – The effortless glide of smooth fabric on skin.

Zoku-Zoku Brown (shimmering brown) – The jolt of an adrenaline rush.

Vivivi Orange (shimmering orange) – The electric spark when meeting your son/mate. 07 Shari-Shari Silver (sparkling silver) – The sound of crackling ice beneath your feet.

Suru-Suru Taupe (shimmering taupe) – The subtle sound of fingers, a brush, or a comb going through hair.

Dododo Black (sparkling black) – The rumbling sound of a thunder cloud. 10 Pachi-Pachi Lilac (shimmering lilac) – The sound of eyes rapidly blinking. 11 Waku-Waku Pink (matte pink) – The nervous excitement £›efore a date.

Hara-Hara Purple (matte purple) – The mysterious feelingof anticipation.

Kan-Kan Gold (sparkling gold) – The feeling of strong, beaming rays of sunlight.

Kura-Kura Coral (sparkling coral) – The swirling feelingof being tipsy.

Bachi-Bachi Plum (shimmering plum) – The crackling sound of static zapping. 

Zawa-Zawa Green (shimmering teal) – The sound of rustling leaves in the forest. 

Zaa-Zaa Navy (shimmering navy) – The sound of heavy rainfall.

Doki-Doki Red (sparkling red) – The sound of rapid heartbeats.

Shiseido and the POP eye collection are available at, de Bijenkorf, Douglas, IciparisXL, and selected stores everywhere. 

Wout Philippo