The second chapter of Yang Li’s exploration of flight aesthetics takes off with understated flair. A coalescence of streamlined postmodern designs and Chinese minimalism, Shang Xia’s SS24 collection weaves a contrasted, airy-yet-grounded perspective on contemporary Eastern aesthetics.

Twenty traditional kites—commissioned for the occasion—were hand-crafted by Sichuan master artisans to hover around the Casper Sejersen-shot campaign. Printed on rice paper and articulated on bamboo and carbon fiber spars, they act both as an ode to Li’s roots and a metaphor for future-bound adventures.

Free-flowing in liquid variations, the fluidity, lightness, and transparency of fabrics clash with rigorous tailoring and the precise geometry of cuts—subtly paralleled by the kites’ structures. Pieces fold and unfold in overlaid modular combinations; with an emphasis on versatility and a balance point on the edge of outerwear.

From Qipao mini dresses and Boleros to cotton voile ensembles and ming stripe smocking coats, the collection meanders through a wide array of cuts, oscillating between formal and leisurewear. Delicate ruched details on garments and accessories experiment with texture and optics, while satin trenches, shirts, and double-faced petal-hem dresses add a playful shimmer of light to the aerial palette.

A reflection of Yang Li’s distinct Chinese minimalist approach to Shang Xia, exquisite han purple, jade, and celadon tints infuse the garments with clear vibrancy, accompanied by characteristic festival icon prints — symbols of prosperity and longevity. The blue rose symbol harks back to Li’s childhood memories, sketching a nostalgic echo of China’s rich print-making culture.

Punctuating silhouettes with a floral touch, delicate Rong Hua silk flower brooches and necklaces are unveiled as the brand’s first jewelry creations. Edgy teacup enamel-heeled leather mules—a reference to Shang Xia’s trademark ceramic-glazed homeware—join last season’s trademark bubble soles, which evolve into a laced-up, punkier platform pair.

The iconic triangle bag emerges once again as a baguette iteration, this time shaped from raffia, along with leather lady-moon bags.

Aloft in the atmosphere, this season’s murmuration evokes the ambiguous, potent femininity of birdlike creatures