sgs is more than just an artist; he’s a creative force reshaping boundaries of music and artistic expression. Emerging from the fiery crucible of self-discovery, sgs underwent a transformative rebirth, shedding the persona of a Polish rapper and embracing a new identity marked by fearless exploration and creative freedom. In his music, genres blur and merge, creating a dynamic sonic tapestry that defies convention. With a compelling blend of pulsating techno, gritty grime, ethereal ambient, and industrial noise, sgs invites listeners on a boundless journey where the only constant is innovation. Guided by a profound sense of freedom, he is delivering his vision with unapologetic authenticity. sgs is an artist who communicates through his craft, creating a powerful and therapeutic conversation with his audience, now in the form of his latest release ‘Nº5 Wctall (V),’ for which he collaborated with the renowned Henrik Schneider on the music video.

sgs, tell me about your new single ‘Nº5 Wctall (V)’ and the creative process and inspiration behind it. 

It’s a very personal song, the title stands for we can take all, and the lyrics for me are some kind of a mantra which I wrote to myself.
The sound is a journey, all this music was made in over 20 countries with the composer Lubomir Grzelak. We were traveling with projects from continent to continent, such as starting a song in Europe and continuing on a plane from LA to Costa Rica…
I feel that we delivered this naturally on the record, I didn’t even think about what we were doing, I just wanted to make this.

How did your creative partnership with Schneider come about?

The visual content is my creative direction collab with Hendrik, it’s a fusion of Berlin airport vibes and dreamy dystopian LA.
I don’t really know what is the inspiration for that, I’m not using other’s pictures in my mood boards.
I think that we just wanted to do it and it came out like this…
The recipe for this video was listening to myself and a good choice of company.
I’m a fan of Hendrik and I’m really glad that this is happening, the edit is a major part of the final effect, which is his signature technique. 

Your transformation from a Polish rapper to sgs is a remarkable journey. What was the pivotal moment of your rebirth and how has it influenced your music and creative direction?

That’s a tough question.
I was lost doing the same project all over again, same type of songs for a specific audience, but not for me, not about what I like. 
I think that the switch came with sobriety, it has been over 2 years now when I decided to fight and be free. 
I built a huge volcano in the studio and I recorded my jump in the crater. I felt it as my symbolic rebirth, that was the end of a polish rapper and the beginning of me. 

Your music is often described as genre-blending, incorporating elements from various styles. What is your perspective on the concept of genre in music?

My art has no genre, it’s my interpretation of what I love and respect in music, the filtered version by my character and skills.

You are not just a musician but also a model and creative director. How do you view the intersection of your multifaceted creative endeavors?

It is very easy and natural, recently I just figured out that for years I’ve been doing something which is called creative direction, and I’m starring in all my projects so I decided to extend my career and call my range properly.

You’ve mentioned that your music is about “freedom” and working with every kind of music. Can you elaborate on your artistic philosophy and how this sense of freedom is reflected in your music and upcoming projects?

I keep going to discover myself and pushing my boundaries. We hear this so often that I don’t even know what it means. But I do know what freedom is in art.
It is a no compromise process of delivering my vision through all steps of creating the “thing” to the final version in the closest possible form to the original idea which I saw in my head first. 
Delivering this means freedom to me, it means also more than just a cool project to release, it means that I really said what I feel. And since art is my way to communicate with you, it’s also a healthy type of conversation which grows me as a person and chills me like therapy.