Iranian-Dutch polymath Sevdaliza has become one of our generation’s leading artistic voices through her revered sonic exploration and unrelenting pursuit to push boundaries. Today [Friday 3rd November, 2023] she shares her latest single “Nothing Lasts Forever” featuring Grimes. Coming together from a mutual experience dealing with the harsh expectations of a society that projects unrealistic expectations on female artists, the single sees Sevdaliza and Grimes reflect on the unrealistic expectation to live forever in a state of eternal youth and beauty, punctuated with a fusion of electronic, pop, trance and Dutch gabber – a music genre heavily define by Sevdaliza’s native city Rotterdam. The video is expected to drop next week exploring these topics, and lean into Sevdaliza’s penchant for engaging with future technologies and thought provoking visual stories.

Speaking on the single, Sevdaliza shares: Admiration and adoration turn into weapons when women challenge expectations. True liberation is breaking free from inner and outer expectations, a journey worth embracing despite the bruises. Yours truly, Sevdaliza

Kicking off this month in Europe, Sevdaliza will embark on a small selection of special performances in European cities – 5th November at La Cigale in Paris, Here @ Outernet in London on the 14th and a special show as part of Festival Les Creatives in Geneva on the 15th.

This Summer, Sevdaliza announced her partnership with myvox to co-launch their first AI artist, Dahlia. An AI voice model created by the award-winning visionary artist and multihyphenate and also the world’s first femenoid robot, Sevdaliza introduced Dahlia last year via the video for “OH  MY GOD”. Proving to be her most dynamic work to date, the subsequent Raving Dahlia project was born out of Sevdaliza’s own precarious experience in the music industry and her entire life journey as a woman who has inevitably broken new ground on many fronts. A physical robot built over the last two years made of metals, hard plastics and silicones for the face, Dahlia was created to represent the perfect version of Sevdaliza, embodying the remnants of her own frustrations, pressures and the unmeasurable expectations put on female artists today. Reflecting these pressures sonically too, Sevdaliza’s most recent output including “Ride or Die feat. Villano Antillano” has seen her adapt and depart from her darker sounds and into a more global pop lane.