According to the stoic philosophy Apocatastasis represents the restoration of the cosmic order after its destruction in the ekpyrosis. Starting from a state of chaos where multiple aesthetics contaminate one another, the collection finds its order in a logical thread that connects all the elements in a single Chapter plunged in the atmosphere of Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia, where despite the difficulties the characters overcome their spiritual alienation mending the phisical separation from other people.

Sehnsucht Atelier shapes a universe of poetic nostalgia inspired by mystical and yet powerful creatures from an ancestral and eternal past. The brand seeks to engage with the mystery that resides deep into us, translating this research into elegant, sensual, and yet severe designs.

For this new collection; Punk, Fetish, Victorian and Romanticism, these aesthetics converge into fluent and sinuous silhouettes shaped by black corsets. These contrasts are also reflected into the choice of materials which is a mix of fine fabrics and raw details such as safety pins, hookand- eye, and ropes.

The collection is available online and through selected Italian and Spanish retailers including Degli Effetti, Eraldo and the Belmond hotels.