Sega Bodega, the in-demand Paris-based artist and producer has announced his third studio album ‘Dennis’, out April 26th via his own new label ambient tweets.

Seda Bodega also shares his new single ‘Elk Skin’, watch here:

The album ‘Dennis’ delves into the sensation of uncertainty upon waking up, where one questions if they have truly woke up at all. Each song seamlessly flows into the next, mimicking the descent into REM sleep; the album captures the essence of this experience.]

Sega Bodega’s previous works have effortlessly balanced introspection with dancefloor energy, but ‘Dennis’ takes a more immersive approach. It’s crafted as a club-oriented album designed to lose yourself in. “Adulter8” kicks off with the nostalgic sound of an 8-bit alarm clock before launching into a vibrant, bass-heavy dance anthem, with fleeting voices emerging and fading into the darkness. “Elk Skin,” featuring vocalist Cecile Believe, is a dizzying blend of euphoria, Mediterranean guitar rhythms, and haunting chants.

Other tracks orbit around a defining image. “Deer Teeth” draws inspiration from a 7000-year-old Mesolithic burial in Denmark, where a woman and her baby, who died during childbirth, were found with 200 deer teeth and the baby cradled in a swan’s wing. This trance-inducing piece, featuring vocals by Kiss Facility’s Mayah Alkhateri, twists gentle melodies into something unnervingly metallic, simultaneously evoking the future and primordial echoes.