Apple Music Home Sessions have been a great success in various countries for several years now and after the first Dutch edition with singer Naaz last April, Apple Music announced who will be the star of the second Dutch Home Sessions. Yousef Gnaoui, better known by his stage name Sef, has recorded two songs from his latest album ‘Ik Zou Voor Veel Kunnen Sterven Maar Niet Voor Een Vlag’, together with live musicians.

For this special live registration, which can be heard exclusively via Apple Music, Sef has edited the songs “Glas In Lood” and “Als Een Boom Valt” together with a small ensemble. These unique performances can be heard in Spatial Audio via the app from 5 July.

“If a song is already out and you’ve been playing it live for a while, you get to know it better. Normally you just don’t get the chance to breathe new life into your music with those new insights. I thought it was very cool to be able to do that now, and the atmos experience is a very nice addition. The songs really surround you in all dimensions that weren’t there before.”


The idea for the Home Sessions came about during the 2020 lockdown and was designed to challenge artists to perform from home and reinvent their own signature songs, plus record thoughtful covers. No fancy studios, often no band members: just pure talent and brilliant songs. Artists from all over the world have already recorded a Home Sessions, including Rita Ora, Moby, Liam Gallagher and Ellie Goulding to be found in the Apple Music Home Sessions catalog. Since April 2023, a Dutch version can also be found in the app.