Introduced in the SS023 collection, SEED is an ongoing program that serves as a laboratory for experiments focused on finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of garment production. Among other ideas, this project considers waste elimination, circular manufacturing, the concept of “Kilometer Zero,” and shortening the production chain. The crossed man, a symbol of the project, is a metaphor for everything that has gone wrong and a reminder that progress is achieved through trial and error.


explores the use of locally grown natural fibers for sportswear applications. C.P. Company implements unusual yet ancient natural fibers such as nettle and hemp, expertly mixed with premium cotton. These fibers are surprisingly ideal for textile production, pliable, and have a good length to be spun into yarn. The final woven fabric is similar to linen, but much stronger and a bit stiffer, making it ideal for more structured garments. It blends nicely with other fibers, which can help to add softness and increase longevity when needed. Thanks to plants’ growth being almost uncontrollable, they are a quickly renewable resource.


trials the present limitations of certified recycled fibers and materials in clothing. In the SEED 2 capsule, C.P. Company explores new frontiers while experimenting with Eco-Chrome, an improved version of the proprietary fabric that uses Econyl® regenerated nylon yarns, created by upcycling fishing nets, and a mix of recycled fleece and organic cotton. The inspiration is once again to head towards a more sustainable path, reducing waste and giving new life to scraps.