SEAN SUEN 2024 Spring/Summer collection takes dreams as an inspiration to explore the multidimensional space in the oriental culture, and delve into the essence and destination of the human life entity and self-consciousness in the cycles of life.

A person has a dream, which begins with the projection of the mind, yearning for knowledge and clear awareness, and perception of countless joys and sorrows. Entering the reincarnation, alternating impermanently, with all sorts of demons and ghosts wandering around, and the equinox flower guiding towards the other shore, where to return to ultimately? In ancient times, there said to be Six Realms, a fictional illusion, or perhaps a parallel universe? Reality, the true world as we perceive it, can also be seen as a dream-like existence, ultimately a reincarnation. It is then apparent that we live in the reality, but also exist within the reincarnations. Consciousness has no boundaries, and all phenomena are products of our perception and thoughts.

Observing all things in the universe, the East distinguishes yin and yang, and black and white rise as the opposing forces, yet they are also interdependent and ever-changing. Furthermore, the human life manifests as beginnings and endings, while self-consciousness differentiates between good and evil, yet perpetually struggling in the chaotic opposition—between joy and pain, delight and aversion, greed or satisfaction, creation and destruction. Sensing the causality and the opposition between people and all things, the visual space created by Sean Suen in this season employs contrasting colors of black-white with gray and khaki as intermediary colours, incorporating Eastern theatrical cutting techniques and clothing accessories, while using natural cotton and linen fabrics to symbolize the natural world. In the blossoming of the Hiaganbana totem, it embarks on a contemplative journey about the cycles of human existence and all things in nature.

Life is impermanent, and all things converge to unity; waking from the dream, rebirth awaits on the other shore.

published by Nadia ten Hove