To celebrate the coming of summertime, Scuffers is proposing two capsules collections that will bring freshness and sunrays to the season.  Sun-kissed skin, sweet and warm tones in a dreamy Mediterranean landscape composing the campaign makes us dream about escapade and summer romance. Quintessentially Scuffers, with their everlasting summertime vibe, the campaign is a bold statement that roots the brand in its identity. Titled “Climax” and “Marketing Lifestyle”, the collections seek to capture and transmit the brand’s minimalistic essence. 

The Climax Capsule captures the present moment, the excitement and sensuality of glistening skin by the pool. It embodies the uncertainty and aspiration that comes with the heat and the clean, airy silhouettes an effortlessly cool vibe to the whole. 

The Marketing Lifestyle collection brings a light minimalist aesthetic, where a Mediterranean lifestyle is portrayed through the items. The scenery showcases a warm and bright environment, where tiles in dry weather and panoramic sea views bring the fantasy to life. Oversized T-shirts and leopard printed cargo pants infuse a sense of ease to the whole.