The brand marks the occasion with the launch of its first limited-edition upcycled denim capsule Eternal Blauw, as well as its first denim repair service, Blauw Repair.   

 Connecting with emerging design talent in Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda also collaborates with students of Jean School (co-founded by The House of Denim Foundation), to create experimental, upcycled denim designs, which will be on display at the store. 

Amsterdam-based lifestyle and fashion brand Scotch & Soda have redesigned its dedicated Amsterdams Blauw denim store. To celebrate the location’s new look, the brand launches its first limited-edition Eternal Blauw capsule – made from unused denim, upcycled from previous collections – and also debuts Blauw Repair, its denim repair service. 

Located at 15 Berenstraat in the heart of the iconic Nine Streets (Negen Straatjes) area of  Amsterdam’s historical centre, the store focuses on Amsterdam Blauw, the brand’s premium denim line. It celebrates the brand’s Amsterdam Blauw blue colour and positions the store as a  special denim destination. New design elements include an AMSTERDAMS BLAUW neon sign on the store’s façade, an illuminating blade street sign, an updated graphic on the transom window, together with new fitting rooms featuring denim curtains, new railing and a blue rug. 

Scotch & Soda marks the unveiling of the store’s new look with the launch of Eternal Blauw, the brand’s first limited-edition denim capsule. Exclusively available at the Berenstraat’s store, the capsule consists of 99 pieces numbered by hand, and includes ten different menswear,  womenswear and unisex styles. Working directly with Denim Village – one of Scotch & Soda’s denim suppliers – each of the ten styles has been creatively upcycled into something unique,  highlighting the brand’s free-spirited attitude and denim expertise. Special attention has been given to the hardware and back patches. The twist-off shank buttons and embroidered rivets will make them easier to recycle later, while the leather patches are unused patches from previous collections, which have been flipped and reprinted using the Eternal Blauw logo. 

At the store, Scotch & Soda also launches Blauw Repair, the brand’s first denim repair service,  in collaboration with the United Repair Centre. The United Repair Centre is an initiative by Makers Unite, an Amsterdam-based textile production company that provides training and employment opportunities to creative newcomers with a migration background.  Customers will be able to bring any pair of Amsterdams Blauw jeans in need of repair, which will then be assessed and sent off to the United Repair Centre. It will mend each pair that is sent in,  and then iron and steam them. The entire process will take up to seven working days. All jeans will be repaired to Scotch & Soda’s standards and checked before being returned to customers in-store at no cost to them. 

The Eternal Blauw capsule collection and the Blauw Repair service are part of Scotch & Soda’s mission to reduce the environmental footprint of a denim garment by prolonging the wearable lifetime with repairs and keeping it away from landfills or incineration. By approaching circularity with the re-use of existing resources through upcycling its fabric waste and recycling post-consumer garments into new collections, Scotch & Soda aims to reduce the need for virgin resources, saving energy and water in the process.

As an additional activation to celebrate its upcycling efforts, Scotch & Soda has made a special collaboration with the House of Denim Foundation, co-founder of Amsterdam-based Jean  School, the only school in the world dedicated exclusively to denim development. For this collaboration, Jean School students have created a limited number of specially designed denim laptop cases and ten experimental creations, exclusively using repurposed Scotch &  Soda denim garments and trims. The laptop cases are for sale on the lower level of the  Amsterdams Blauw denim store, while two artistic creations will be on show from the 22nd until the 24th of April. 

About the House of Denim Foundation  

The House of Denim Foundation is an independent, not for profit organization that conceives and initiates collaborative projects to connect and inspire key stakeholders in the denim industry ‘Towards a Brighter Blue’.  

The mission of the Amsterdam-based foundation is to ‘advocate the good’ by promoting best practices. It ‘collaborates for the better by building a network for industry-wide collaboration on standards, projects and resources for a dryer, cleaner and smarter industry. 

The House of Denim Foundation educates the best talent by training a new generation of bright blue talent aiming to raise the bar on knowledge, skills and innovation throughout the industry. 

Initiatives of the foundation include Denim City Amsterdam (home of the House of Denim  Foundation and Jean School), Denim City Sao Paulo, Global Denim Awards, Denim Days and the Indigo Embassy sessions. 

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About Makers Unite  

Makers Unite was founded in Amsterdam in 2016 as a textile-based production company. In their creative collaborations, they always want to stimulate others to also take a step forward to shift the global narrative about migration. They do this themselves by supporting the creative talent of newcomers with a migration background, young adults, and other job seekers by providing them with opportunities and training programs to develop soft and hard skills enabling them to access the labour market. 

Makers Unite carries out its social and sustainability mission through programs such as the  Creative Lab, a talent development traineeship. Newcomers graduate and become part of  Maker Unite’s community of designers, artists, and filmmakers, offering creative products and services for companies ready to become more sustainable and inclusive. 

Through its United Repair Centre, Makers Unite aims to reduce the amount of clothing being landfilled or burned. The United Repair Centre helps leading apparel brands in Northwestern  Europe to achieve their circularity goals, by providing high-quality repair services and finding recycling solutions for any garment that cannot be repaired.  

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