SANT ANTONI is the ultimate travel destination that offers a combination of nature, leisure, and activities. The town is situated on the northwest side of Ibiza and brings a beautiful scenery of coves, cliffs, and forests. The serene rural farmland, white beaches, culinary hotspots, and traditional country houses offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Numéro was given the opportunity to travel to one of the most desirable islands and have an exclusive tour through the diverse areas of the town. 

Returning calmness 

Once known as a small fishing village for almost 2000 years, Sant Antoni is now a popular holiday destination, loved for its relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. The mayor recently improved the experience by reducing the number of party tourists and restoring the peaceful local environment.

Culinary locations

Sant Antoni is full of surprising restaurants and beach cafes. If you are searching for a cozy charming dinner, we can suggest the restaurant ‘Es Ventall’, a hidden restaurant with an adorable courtyard, for high-end island cuisine with a modern twist. For a traditional and ancient dish, you should visit ‘Es Robost’, established in one of the first grocery shops on the island. Are you looking for something with more beach vibes? ‘Cala Gracioneta’ has got you covered. Located in a small cove, its mission is simple: serve fresh, creative dishes made from local ingredients. To close a perfect day, you should check out ‘Hostal La Torre’ to watch the sunset accompanied by a perfect dinner. If you really are not tired yet, you should definitely get a cocktail at ‘Café Mambo’, the second home to many superstar DJs. 

Wellness day

Start a wellness-centered day with a Yoga session in one of Ibiza’s most spectacular Hotels ‘Can Lluc’. The hotel is tucked away in the heart of Ibiza, in a quiet valley, which makes it the perfect spot for an empowering yoga session. And to fully recharge, don’t forget to visit ‘Stic Urban Hotel’, and enjoy a sensational spa. 

Leisure activities

Besides visiting the beach, there are loads of entertaining activities to do in the area. If you like wine tasting, ‘Can Rich’ offers you a fusion of traditional and modern tastes, crafted with a pioneered form of organic farming techniques. For a closer look at the island’s nature, Ibiza’s ‘Botánico Biotecnológico’ is a botanical garden to observe and learn about the ecological wealth of the island. At ‘Ibizaloe’ you can learn the benefits of Aloe Vera, its different uses and properties and what makes Ibiza’s different to other eco crops. For exploring the waters, you can choose to do a boat trip and discover the mesmerizing coastline of Sant Antoni, finishing with the Natural Aquarium where you can learn about the rich fishing culture of the old town. If you’re more into architecture, the Church of San Rafael is one of the most beloved historic monuments. Built in the 18th century, this atypical white church will give you some of the best breathtaking sights of the sea and Ibiza. 

After visiting Sant Antoni, we believe this town is the perfect hotspot of Ibiza, at any time of the year. From experiencing the island’s authentic cuisine to discovering the crystal-clear waters and traditional architecture, we do not doubt that this destination should be a must-go on everyone’s list.  

Photography DANIEL SARS