This season started with the Dakinis, mystical deities worshipped by diverse ethnicities and cultures across Asia. Multifaceted, they are both compassionate and destructive, extremely beautiful and extraordinarily intimidating. Through the Dakinis’ intense aggression and unbridled beauty, SANKUANZ blends their silent and wrathful forms to explore the freedom of the self.

Tailoring continues to tell a prominent story at SANKUANZ, through reinterpretations of traditional Western shapes combined with the oversized, wrapped garments of various traditional costumes across Asia. Crossed collars and fronts, hip-hugging belts, and voluminous, elongated sleeves redefine proportions across suits, jackets, and workwear pieces. Collars have been extended from behind the neckline, down the sleeve, and finish at the cuff, echoing the silhouette of wrap shawls.

The denim look drives the collection this season, featuring unfinished hems and a sleek nylon that mimics its look. It’s complemented by softer, elevated fabrics like silk jacquards and taffetas reminiscent of Chinese brocade. SANKUANZ juxtaposes the subtle Asian motifs with Western plaids and its signature camo print.

The collection transforms the body into symbolic adornments such as earrings, bracelets, and armbands. Decorative fangs and claws represent inner demons often associated with the Dakinis. Traditional knotting techniques are manifested in oversized necklaces and earrings plated in gold. A pendant of clustered horse-eye gems forming a dagger’s hilt evokes the essence of a ritual object.

What has become a SANKUANZ leitmotif—the dagger—has been updated across shoes and bags. The ‘Dagger Boots’ have been reimagined by melding with a sneaker body, and continue to feature in high heels and boots. A new addition includes the boho bag, crafted from suede or translucent material with the distinctive dagger detail, expanding the collection of iconic ‘Dagger Bags’.

Amandalaom, a collaborative project between SANKUANZ and the experimental musician Wang Fan, provides the show’s evocative soundtrack. The wordless meditation resonates with the corporeal energy, striving to bridge this era of humanity with eras past.