08 February

San Holo announces new album and single


On Feb 3rd, Dutch DJ/producer San Holo released find your way (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) as the first official single of his new album bb u ok?– which is out from May 21st via his own label Bitbird. 



The album will be released digitally and physically and can be ordered in combination with various merchandise via https://sanholo.lnk.to/bb-albumpr.


Listen to single find your way (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)


"It's all about connections,"said San Holo of his new work. "The connections between people and their memories, between people back and forth and with themselves." On his debut "album1”, San Holo explored the virgin territory between EDM, post-rock and indie, which, in addition to rave reviews from fans, press and colleagues, also earned him the prestigious Dutch Edison Award and an International Dance Music Award. Album number two ‘bb u ok?’, on which, in addition to Bipolar Sunshine, he collaborates with the likes of The Nicholas, Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Chet Porter, American Football and Mija & Mr. Carmack, deepens the unique sound that San Holo has developed for himself. Within his own musical spectrum, he finds room to spread his wings further while keeping both feet on the ground.


With its twenty songs bb u ok? is an honest and open album that asks existential questions about love, hope, loneliness and social expectations. The songs encourage listeners to keep a finger on the pulse of both themselves and those around them and observe how things are really going. The newly founded www.bbuok.com also conveys that message as an online platform. Musically, San Holo builds a world of its own on the album, with alternating organic soundscapes and full-band compositions. “I poured my whole heart into this album. Instead of talking about it, I'd rather people listen to it, hoping it will take them somewhere. They can decide for themselves what it means to them, just as it has its own meaning to me. That's the beauty of music.”


New album bb u ok? was mostly recorded in an Airbnb in Echo Park, Los Angeles. It was here where San Holo found peace to make this second album.  “These songs are about experiences, conversations and moments that I have shared with people all my life. I've never been very good at expressing myself verbatim. Words on their own never seem to really capture the gist of how I feel. Most feelings are so complex that it is almost naive to try to describe them in words. That's why I make music. It's the only way for me to really express myself.”



Single find your way (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) – Feb 3rd 2021

find your way listening link: https://sanholo.lnk.to/findyourwaypr 

Album bb u ok? presave:https://sanholo.lnk.to/bb-albumpr 
San Holo shop: https://sanholo.lnk.to/collectionpr