Samsøe Samsøe launches a new sweat set series in the most perfect shade of Beige, as the pieces are fully undyed – mening less water & chemicals being used during the production process. 

”We have created products, where we decided to leave the cotton undyed. The products are made in the natural off-white colour of the raw cotton and the fabric has been given minimal treatments, reduced to only washing to take out vegetable fats, stabilizing processes and pre shrinkage treatments”, says Gitte Wetter, head of Design. 

This means that Samsøe Samsøe’s undyed programme will save 80L of fresh water per kilo of fabric produced. In this first production programme, it means that the brand will in total save 480.000L of water. Since the fabric is undyed, the brand is also saving 80% of the chemicals normally used in the dyeing processes, which also leads to a substantial reduction of the energy consumed – when producing an item. This is a product with the lowest possible impact, as it is using virgin materials.

The cotton used for the programme is organic and produced under the GOTS certification. This means that no genetic engineering has been used, the entire supply chain, from the cotton field to our Portuguese garment manufacturer, is certified from a social aspect. This includes payment of correct wages on time, controlled working hours, no discrimination or child labour, health and safety in the work place and the cultivation of the cotton is using only organic fertilizers and no pesticides and insecticides.

Samsøe Samsøe is also analyzing, and looking into the possibilities of recycling the cutting waste from the undyed programme, so that they can turn this into new yarn, blending in 50% new fibres, for a potential continuation of this specific collection.