For their AW21 collection ‘Stillness’, Samsøe Samsøe has teamed up with the Danish outdoor brand Nordisk in a collaboration that reflects the feelings of the times we live in.

‘We really felt that there was an urgency in working with the feelings we had when we were creating the collection. The feeling of traveling far away, escaping our everyday surroundings, but still keeping it cool and urban – even when entering the outdoorsy world – is what we wanted the collection to exude’, says Gitte Wetter, (Intermediate) Head of Design, at Samsøe Samsøe.

Importantly, the brands share the same values, in as much as their main focuses are creating long lasting products and working with high quality craftmanship. Throughout this collaboration, there was a determination to bring the outdoor universe into thecity lifestyle.

Nordisk is an outdoor heritage brand based in Silkeborg, Denmark, which is not only successful inthe central European scene, but who also includes Japan as their main market. Their strong aesthetics and innovative ways of reimagining the outdoor world is one of the reasons why there was a strong connection between the two companies, and was the initiative to produce this collection.

The collection consists of various products that are perfect for an escape to the outdoors, whilstkeeping an urban edge in terms of color range and multi functionality. For example, the blanket youmight bring with you on a camping / glamping trip could also be used as an everyday throw in your home, on the couch or bed whereas the coffee thermos works well in a practical sense and can also be your everyday commuter friend in the city, on your way to work in the morning.

Besides being a prominent player on the outdoor scene, Nordisk also has a strong in uence in the glamping universe. With dedicated spots called ‘Glamping Villages’ spread across the world – everywhere from Denmark and Italy, to Argentina and Japan – the brand ensures their exposure in the best possible way.

The collection campaign merges the two aesthetics perfectly. Shot by Edward Gamuchian with sculpture andset design by Fatima Fransson, the images tell the storyas described above.