Salomon REELAX 3.0

Salomon proposes their new and improved REELAX models –  two recovery options –  for all your summer after sports needs. The two classic Salomon recovery shoes, RX MOC 3.0 and RX SLIDE 3.0, are seen in an updated form consisting of seamless fabric which won’t chafe, scratch, or rub feet the wrong way. Each model is delivered in 2 seasonal colorways and feature an oversized EVA midsole with energy return providing a soft ride for tired feet. Lightweight EVA midsole and stretch mesh upper keep the weight down for minimal energy consumption, for effortless relaxation.


The RX SLIDE 3.0 is an updated version of the classic Salomon recovery shoe. This version features current material selection, reviewed construction, and extended color options. 


– Dark Sapphire / Rubber / Jolly Green (pictured)

– Pewter / Desert Sage / Rose Cloud

Price: 80€

RX MOC 3.0

The RX MOC 3.0 is a light and breathable after-sports summer shoe offering optimal recovery and sheer coziness. Created around the concept of reducing all forms of feet physical stress.


– Pewter / Desert Sage / Rose Cloud (pictured)

– Rubber / Taffy / Granada Sky

Price:  90€