The PULSAR PRG revisited for this wintery edition comes in a lightweight wool upper. A packable and comfortable shoe, with Woolmark certification for extra warmth in your winter quiver. 

The PULSAR PRG KNIT is an innovative alliance of fibers including 30% of Merino Wool fibres (Woolmark certified) in the upper. Soft but resistant, Merino Wool is durable and built for performance. This natural fibre offers unbeatable benefits such as: thermoregulation & moisture management whilst being lightweight. Merino wool reacts to changes in body temperature keeping you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot. Wool lets your skin breathe, no matter the season. It absorbs and locks way odours during wear.

The PULSAR PRG KNIT is a packable travel-ready shoe for flawless fluid motion for all seasons.

Product Details

Suede material trims around the heel, eyestay and tongue give a premium, rich finish. The vamp area is composed of a lightweight, Woolmark certified wool blend. Suede leather: Split-suede leather allows for longer wear and durability.

Crafted with The Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool and one of the world’s most recognised and respected non-profit organizations, the PRG knit provides assurance of the highest quality. Representing pioneering excellence and innovation from farm to finished product, highlighting Australian wool’s position as the world’s premium sustainable fibre.

“Salomon has long been a global leader in the sports and outdoor industry, and we are pleased to help the brand put its best foot forward by incorporating Merino wool into its Sportstyle range for the first time,” explains The Woolmark Company Managing Director John Roberts”.

“Merino wool inherent performance benefits and respect for nature have been driving new opportunities for the fibre in the footwear market, and Salomon’s new Pulsar PRG with a Merino wool upper is a fantastic example of innovation and product development.”