CODE is an aesthetic design for all senses, designed to take a 12 ml (travel size) perfume well protected and in a stylish way everywhere.

The design designed by Patrick Munsters is inspired by the geometric shapes of the SALLE PRIVÉE logo. The name “CODE” refers to “symbol language”, codes used to communicate. It's also related to the repetition in the item, the circles in the squares, the almost mathematical geometric appearance.

The aluminum design invites you to click the perfume bottle through the holder over and over again, an addictive movement. The precision and craftsmanship of the product made in a Dutch studio create a perfume holder that has not been seen before. It works without a cap and thus only serves as a holder, so that it can simultaneously serve as an elegant display in the bathroom, on a desk or on a sideboard.

Two fragrances are available with the holder:

– LE TEMPS PERDU: A seductive and addictive Eau de Parfum. The fragrance has a layered, minimalist composition and refers to the most important work of writer Marcel Proust, a novel in which he focuses on the role of memory (and the influence of smell on it). 

– CONCORDE: The fragrance pays homage to the world's first and – to date – only supersonic passenger jet, a technological feat far ahead of its time. Concorde became the ultimate symbol of the jet-set lifestyle. The perfume pays homage to the glamor of the 1970s jet set. A powerful, intense fragrance with an intriguing temperament that will turn heads. 

SALLE PRIVES CODE is available in three versions: a 12ml double set with Concorde, a 12ml double set with Le Temps Perdu, and a set with both fragrances. Price (2 x 12 ml + CODE): € 98.