21 January

Sakeema In “The Candidate” - A Story By Betsy Johnson


"I wanted to portray Sakeema through a political lens to push people's spectrum of people they view in politics and release on the US election inauguration; a highly political time, regardless of result to get people thinking and hear Sakeema's words alongside the images. It is titled “SAKEEMA in "THE CANDIDATE”  the shoot references mostly to UK Thatcher era political imagery we see her through a fashion lens; a commentary on an ideal political landscape. Are we moving fast enough as a society? The political field and experience is much a sphere for upper class career politicians and business moguls and often excludes the people who really experience the policies discussed. One of the most inspiring things Sakeema ever said to me was as Women it is so important to occupy space especially in moments when the world would like otherwise. This shoot is a visual manifestation of that."  - Betsy Johnson






Sakeema In “The Candidate” - A Story By Betsy Johnson @Sakeemathecrook


Director, Fashion Stylist - Betsy Johnson @Betsyjohnson_

Photography - Luke Abby @Lukeabby

Post Production And Graphic Design Betsy Johnson_

Hair Direction - Charlie Le Mindu @Charlielemindu

Makeup - Mona Leanne @Monaleannemakeup

Hair Stylist - Alastair Jubbs @Mrjubbs

Creative Assistant - Billie O’Neill Queenan @Billieoneillqueenan

Fashion Assistant - Jadzia Scott @Jadziascott_