Saint Laurent Rive Droite celebrates Halloween by offering a selection of books and dedicated home- decors conceived by Anthony Vaccarello.

The unique handmade skull-shaped candles, in black vegetable wax, and the fresh illuminating pumpkins are marked with the Saint Laurent logo. A choice of books about horror, fear, witches, and occult morbid curiosities from artists such as Rosemary’s baby, Hans Bellmer, Hyman Bloom, and horror classics from Edgar Allan Poe and Phantom of the Opera will also be available in stores.

A Los Angeles artist, Lydia Maria Pfeffer, focuses her work on symbols, rituals, psychological interpretation and transforms current subjects into contemporary fairy tales. Two of her paintings, “Medusa and her mermaid lover” and “Notes from an Underwater Mama” 2019, from the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery are signed, exhibited, and available for sale exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite store in Los Angeles.