SAINT LAURENT by Anthony Vaccarello presents trailer of the film that will never exist: “Phony Wars” a film by Jean-Luc Godard 76th Cannes Film Festival 2023 official selection – Cannes Classics.

SCREENINGS – Sunday 21st – 2pm – Debussy Theatre – Preceded by GODARD PAR GODARD by Florence Platarets Tuesday 23rd – 12.30pm – Buñuel Theatre – Preceded by AS FILHAS DO FOGO by Pedro Costa

SYNOPSIS – Jean-Luc Godard often transformed his synopses into aesthetic programs. This film follows in this tradition and will remain as the ultimate gesture of cinema, which he accompanies with the following text: “Rejecting the billions of alphabetic diktats to liberate the incessant metamorphoses and metaphors of a necessary and true language by re-turning to the locations of past film shoots, while keeping track of modern times.”

STATEMENT – From 1960 onwards, the director Jean-Luc Godard changed the course of filmmaking with his innovative camera work and experimental narrative style, rejecting traditional conventions in favor of a more personal and artistic cinematic idiom: ‘La Nouvelle Vague.’

Saint Laurent is honored to present a special work Jean-Luc Godard was working on before passing, at 93, last September. Unconventional in its form, the short art project describes the ideas, references, and visuals he envisioned for a film that never came to be, giving the viewer rare insight into a genius’ mind and process.

Jean-Luc Godard’s last work, ‘Trailer of the film that will never exist: “Phony Wars”’ will be screened as part of the official selection of the 76th Cannes Festival. On the occasion, Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello – who produced the late director’s final project – says, «I greatly admired Jean-Luc Godard, one of cinema’s most influential masterminds.».

Written by Jean-Luc Godard in collaboration with Jean-Paul Battaggia, Fabrice Aragno and Nicole Brenez

Produced by SAINT LAURENT Anthony Vaccarello

Gary Farkas Olivier Muller Clément Lepoutre

Coproduced by L’ATELIER