Standing against the hostile nature ground, Anthony Vaccarello’s Winter 21 collection shakes up Saint Laurent’s bourgeois codes. Hanging in the balance between right and wrong, the ephemeral takes over. Colors clash against the black scene, exactly where the clothes were imagined. Unshapely metal bodies come together with sixties tweed suits and fur hems, claiming their effortless nature. Glitzy imperfections taken from the classic wardrobe of nineties cult-musician Peaches, blur the line between cheesy and luxurious.

Sharp metallic jersey bodysuits echo the gleaming cascades of fantasy jewelry, disguised as precious. The irrepressible lightness of the collection mocks its serious ambitions, reversing preconceptions. The unnecessary is a featured performer, becoming necessary to revive the past.

“Serious matters push you to take other things less seriously, finding the balance while staying on the edge is a sophisticated aptitude.” Anthony Vaccarello

Credits :
Video @ncanguilhem
Soundtrack @sebastian_edbgr
“ Sarajevo”(Richter)
© Beepop Music represented by Concord Music Publishing France Taken from the Max Richter album “Memoryhouse”
(P) 2002 BBC
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