The Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores welcome Belgian artist Bruno V. Roels for an exceptional exhibition starting April 8 in Paris and Los Angeles.

Key artworks by the artist will be exhibited in both Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles. Anthony Vaccarello has selected 8 of the artist’s artworks to be presented in Paris including LOOKING FOR PARADISE (MIAMI VICE GRAND), 2021 and 15 artworks in Los Angeles including LOOKING FOR PARADISE #2, 2022. On this occasion, a second issue of the fanzine will be available in stores, featuring the photographs and works of Bruno V. Roels.

Bruno V. Roels divides his time between writing and photography. For him, the act of printing (transforming a photograph into a tangible object) is as important as the act of photography itself. He photographs constantly, documenting his entire life and building up a considerable archive. Bruno V. Roels mainly features palm trees in his photographs because in his opinion they carry multiple meanings. For him, palm trees are emblematic and recognizable through time because of their history and their different cultures.

To celebrate this collaboration, Anthony Vaccarello chose to create an exclusive line of products using the palm tree as a guideline for this collection, using Bruno V. Roels’ photographs as prints. This line includes a part of men’s collection and lifestyle products such as a plaid, beach towels, plates, wood coasters, ashtrays, sneakers and silk scarves, which will be available for sale in store and on YSL.COM.


Photography: “Bruno V. Roels, courtesy Gallery FIFTY ONE”