A whistle blows, announcing the start of a frenzied yet perfectly synchronized routine, dancers moving to the rhythm of an electrifying James Brown’s song.

Art direction : Anthony Vaccarello Director : Jean Paul Goude

« NIGHT TRAIN » Lyrics and music by Oscar Washington, Jimmy Forrest and Lewis Simpkins © 1952 Frederic Music Co.

Talents :
Andy Da Veiga Arthur Roussel Brandon Miel Brieuc Le Gall Cindy Emelie Dilen Da Zilva Engil Mickael Enzo Boffa Georges Labbat Hedi Amor Jade Bayonne Jazmon Voss Jordan Boury June Choi Lucie Xiaoyi Mes Lesne Paul Gouven Ronan Lemasson Simon Berthoud Solange Amelye Stessy Emelie Thomas Balevre Thomas Greaux Theo Dardun Lenny Diaw Yacine Keita Konrad Bauer


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