An exclusive selection of products created by Anthony Vaccarello will be available in Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores and on YSL.COM.

In this unique selection, the brand finds collaborations with some of the most renowned manufacturers in the field of sports; including the famous UWL surfboards, ZAI ski and snowboards, and longboards produced by HERVET MANUFACTURIER. To complete the sports selection, the equestrian world is honored with the BUTET saddle, a CHARLES OWEN helmet, and riding boots made in collaboration with DENIRO BOOTS COMPANY.

A selection of home and lifestyle accessories created in collaboration with other brands will be available, including a new DUPONT lighter, a set of CHRISTOFLE cutlery, an OPINEL knife, or a solitaire game by HERVET MANUFACTURIER. For children, stuffed animals made in collaboration with WILD & SOFT, as well as a bicycle with matching helmet produced with BAGHERA will be released.

Among a large selection of Saint Laurent rive droite products, a limited edition vinyl issued by SLRD of the album INCARNADINE by post-punk band CURSES will also be available.This campaign is shot by Austrian-American photographer Marco Walker, known for his work on creating installations, collages and finding new ways to bring photography to life