As dawn breaks over the emerald coast of brittany, the fursac man sails past dinard and onto saint-malo surrounded by his close friends all clad in intense navy blue. The coastline drifts by and sounds of joy mingle with those of the waves. One of them wears a revisited peacoat, another a fleece smock or a timeless sailor’s sweater. The air ducts let refreshing salt water into their boat shoes, a nod to the initiated sailors. It’s the brittany of leisure boats and legendary explorers, a region known for its powerful winds and adventurous summers.

It’s a vision of brittany that’s dear to gauthier borsarello.fursac’s creative director turns to the land of his ancestors to recount tales of fishing and trade, explore the navy’s heritage and evoke the timeless style of eric tabarly, the famous french sailor, at the helm of the pen duick. Always the meticulous researcher, he draws on evocative whites and indigos with touches of liquorice reminiscent of old sailing ships. Borsarello pays tribute to the past whilst looking to the future. Every piece is firmly rooted in local references and culture and then uplifted using modern materials, contemporary cuts, zippers or press studs. A wardrobe that speaks to the man of today, whatever his origins, wherever he is heading.

Each season, gauthier borsarello tirelessly crafts his vision of a more precise, mature and ambitious french wardrobe. A style which is the product of his understated elegance and attention to detail, informed by traditional tailoring codes and a deep respect for the garment and its history. The items from his new collection are expressive yet more accessible. It is the perfect embodiment of the fursac philosophy: clothes made to last and age gracefully before becoming the coverted « vintage » of future generations. 

 This season’s installation transports you to an imagined universe that traces the evolution of fursac as imagined by gauthier borsarello. The viewer is first greeted by a rigorously ordered succession of blue and grey suits that plays with repetition and is reminiscent of american psycho’s obsessive wardrobe. This is followed by an endlessly looping immersive video that brings the garments to life in motion – worn and elevated. Lastly, the living boutique populated by models amongst the audience to see, smell, and touch the new collection.