S. Salter Takes Audiences on an Unforgettable Journey with ‘A Walk With… S. Salter’ at the iconic Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. Following the highly acclaimed release of their debut album ‘Juun’ on STMPD RCRDS this past March, S. Salter are pushing the boundaries of live music experiences with this truly immersive visual performance created by visual designers Sam McCormick and Seb Price.

‘A Walk With… S. Salter’ is not just a live performance; it’s a profound and experiential odyssey. This groundbreaking show bridges the gap between music and visual art, offering the audience a unique opportunity to connect intimately with the artist’s creative process. By submerging the audience in film recordings of the breathtaking landscapes that served as the inspiration for the evocative soundscapes of ‘Juun,’ attendees are transported through the same nostalgia, longing, thoughts, and emotions that fueled S. Salter’s artistic journey during the album’s creation.

Samuel, the composer behind S. Salter, found solace and inspiration in his neighborhood of the Jordaan, where he embarked on walks, his sole escape during the confines of lockdown. It was during these walks that he penned and refined different elements of the album.

“I wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia within the album, which I tried to capture using certain sounds, including field recordings, chord progressions, and images. The album is heavily influenced by the South West of the UK, where I’m from, Cornwall and Dorset. The coastlines, seas, and forests from these areas are by far the biggest influences for this project.” 

Samuel Ruddick

Together with producer Jeremia Reichen, S. Salter joined forces with visual designers Sam McCormick and Seb Price to create ‘A Walk With… S. Salter’ – an unforgettable multimedia experience that not only celebrates the creative journey behind ‘Juun’ but also offers audiences a chance to immerse themselves in the  landscapes that birthed this masterpiece.