Rui embeds thoughts on the transmission and preservation of information in the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, exploring the path of honest expression found in the unknown space belonging to others. The pointy tentacles from the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, become irregular, two-dimensional shapes attached to the skin, creating a visualized fissure, constituting a metaphor for torn relationships.

The tugging and pulling of the elastic fabric on the limbs, chest, abdomen, spine, and throat, in contrast to the warm wool surrounding it, seems to be an ingenious balance carefully maintained in the midst of a precarious situation. The interlocking laddering surrounding the whole body, while showing resistance, is in fact not as impenetrable as it seems; The textile fragments make an openwork bodysuit, leaving fragility all over the body, yet still leaving the key areas well-protected. Printed denim, hooded tight tops, and loose sweatshirts leave plenty of clues underneath the appearance of anonymity. Mundane looks and soft texture make the clothing an integral part of the individual and an exit way directing the outside world, collecting different responses and expectations from others’ exploration.

As an extra footnote for the splendor of spring, Rui teams up with Adidas, using dance as a channel to amplify the interdependence of clothing and people through lightweight textiles and muted colors. Within the flow between strength and delicacy, dynamism and stillness, one gets to feel most like their true self.

This game of self-revelation and outreach takes place in an old, vacant Paris townhouse after the rain. Fabrics stretched out randomly in front of windows, on the mantelpiece, on the floor, and in the corners of the room are like cobwebs from an old house, and make a mark of imperfection that implies a fascinating story. When the crowds step into the dense vapor of the afternoon, they also awaken the collection of old objects stored deep in memories.