‘An Ode to Perfection’ exhibition
Royal Coster Diamonds celebrates 15 year anniversary of the Royal 201 diamond cut with ‘An Ode to Perfection’

Royal Coster Diamonds has the largest diamond stock of Europe, besides Antwerp, with over 20.000 daimonds. With these diamonds a wide selection of jewelry is custom made. Royal Coster Diamonds offers signature collections such as the Rainbow collection, Luna collection, Tennis collection, and from the 18th November the Royal 201 Signature C Collection, which is specially designed for the Royal 201 diamond for the 15th anniversary. 

‘An Ode to Perfection’ exhibition
The exhibition ‘An Ode to Perfection’ takes you into the world of diamonds. Centerpiece  is the Royal Coster 201: ‘the perfect balance’. A unique cut which was created 15 years ago by Royal Coster Diamonds. Five artists got inspired by the craftmanship of diamonds and the story behind the Royal 201. A wide mix of talents from chefs to a musician and an artist made an homage to ‘perfection’:

The chefs from Rijks restaurant Ivan Beusink, Yascha Oosterberg en Diederik Creutzburg.

Violist, DJ and producer Katya Gabeli

And modern artist Loes van Delft

Exhibition is free entrance, and open 7 days a week from 9.00 till 17.00 till the 6th of January.

Tickets can be reserved here.