Rokh’s Winter 2024 collection embodies the spirit of artistic contrast, seamlessly blending past and present, tradition and innovation, to create a captivating and forward-thinking vision of modern fashion.

In art history, the High Renaissance and Romanticism are captivating for their contrasting approaches to expression and style. The High Renaissance, flourishing in the 16th century, prioritised classical ideals of human form, focusing on perfection and harmony. Conversely, Romanticism, emerging in the late 18th century, emphasised individualism, and emotion, exploring raw human experiences and irrational aspects of existence.

Rokh Winter 2024 Collection draws a parallel to these contrasting artistic movements, committing to the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, refinement, and rebellion. Each garment from Rokh narrates a tale of this equilibrium, inviting wearers to embrace their contradictions and revel in the beauty of juxtaposition.

Similar to the artistic juxtaposition seen between Romanticism and the High Renaissance, Rokh’s creations juxtapose perfect form with unexpected elements such as beautifully hand draped forms and unconventional avant-garde tailoring. The brand believes in the synergy that arises from unifying diverse elements into a cohesive new language.

In the Winter 2024 collection, Rokh’s creative director, Rok Hwang, seamlessly integrates classic symbols from Victorian attire, sartorial heritage tailoring, prints reminiscent of British 20th-century domesticity, mid-century lace, tied-on bustles, vintage denims, veils, and velvet dévoré dresses. Past and present converge in a forward proposal for a modern wardrobe, reinterpreted and reimagined to embody the essence of Rokh’s code and DNA.

Throughout the collection, garments undergo a transformation, with overcoats morphing into jackets, and trench coats melding with formal coats through innovative pattern cutting techniques and hand draping. These pieces – infused with sartorial heritage tailoring – showcase Rokh’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion while honouring timeless traditions.

Rokh and PHILEO unveil their first collaboration—two shoes embodying their passion for revisiting and deconstructing classics. The first pair, created exclusively for Rokh based on the designer’s desire for a ballerina with a ‘puffy’ tongue, plays with the signature Rokh staple belt embellishment. The second style, inspired by the iconic PHILEO Derby, takes on a military character thanks to the notched front, contrasting with the slimness of the Ballerina. All shoes will be available in sizes 36 through 45 in three colorways chosen by Rok Hwang – Tofu, Shitake and Black.