Designed by Alessandro Vigilante, the ROCHAS Fall Winter 2024-25 Collection symbolises a prestigious return to the heart of Paris. Presented inside the Hotel d’Evreux on the Place Vendome, the collection represents the heyday of 1930s Europe. In a salon draped in hibiscus pink, Vigilante revives an essential ROCHAS spirit.

“Elegance, simplicity and youth” were the cornerstones of his vision, ushered into the present as a sensual fantasy for modern times.

Entitled Fairytales For Adults, a 1939 photograph by the Italian polymath Carlo Mollino sets the tone. In it, a model emerges from her wardrobe in a soigne satin gown with glimpses of curious objets d’art at her back. Embodying Diana Vreeland’s mythic quote, a portrait of women unfolds: her myriad desires and dreams made material in clothes that thread together powerful notions of beauty. From trousseau to boudoir and travelling case, each piece in the collection is an exercise in both silhouette and soul.

In shades of goldfinch yellow and margarita, ice blue, emerald, orangeade and champagne, a story of shimmering Art Deco lace and quilted satin envelopes the body in flowering curves. Dry tweeds, matte satin among opalescent surfaces and festoon soft silver ribbons catch our attention amongst all.