Step into a realm of haute-couture elegance and intense romantic allure as Robert Wun unveils his mesmerizing vision for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

What will we do for Love?

Robert Wun’s collection started as a reflection on his passions and started from the question of how people perceive love, the love in what we do, and the love that lies beyond romance.

After a life-changing year since Robert Wun’s first show in 2023, they have gone through an incredible growth journey. Wun started to realise the very substance that keeps him going and to carry on the challenge is something rather simple yet gravitating. Wun’s Love for his family and friends, scenes from his favourite movies which inspire him deeply, and the memories of those he misses.

Wun wanted to create a collection born from honesty and braveness, embracing his imagination. To create a universe where horror can be graceful, flaws are inevitable beauty, grief is a reflection of the Love we had, and memories can be transformed through creation, manifested into something powerful and emotional.