The importance should not be forgotten. Especially given the difficult period that the cultural sector is currently going through. That is why the city of Amsterdam came up with "Uitgelicht", a series of short documentaries directed by Robbert Doelwijt Jr. Stadsdeel Zuidoost (a borough in Amsterdam) celebrates the various cultural institutions and artists that make valuable contributions to society in this new series.

A moment in the light

In each episode of the short docs, an artist who is associated with a cultural institution in Amsterdam Southeast is put in the limelight. “Every artist or creative deserves a moment in the light.  That’s what I wanted to capture.”,says Doelwijt Jr., who recently joined production company Vigics. The films capture the thoughts of these artists andshowcase the perspective of the cultural institutions on their practice. Robbert: “It is extremely important that people speak from within the community. Those voices are there, as you can see. That is why I find it extra special that I have been able to direct these films and can finally share my insider's perspective of the Bijlmer”.

The first episode, which you can watch here, is about the Bijlmer/Parktheater. The theater has been committed to innovation, inclusiveness and stimulating creativity and development ever since the opening in 2009. The episode features former director Ernestine Comvalius and current director Jolanda Spoel amongst others.

Episode two will be online on Monday, March 15. The second episode will be about OSCAM, the museum platform for art, fashion, design, craftsmanship and development, which is mainly committed to the youth, to inspire and connect the youth in Amsterdam Southeast.


De Bijlmer has a rich collection of cultural institutions that stimulate new talent and provide a platform. Robbert was able to experience this himself and shares this story from that perspective. He says: As a young creative in the Bijlmer, among others, Marian Duff and Ernestine Comvalius were definitely a part of me being able to develop myself professionally. People like them have always been here building up the wealth in the community. And they do it with and for the community. I think it is super beautiful and powerful that there are so many people here in the Bijlmer that give new talent the right tools and provide them with a stage to share it with the rest of the world.”.

Robbert Doelwijt Jr.

The 28-year-old Robbert Doelwijt Jr. is one of those talented undiscovered gems in the film world in Amsterdam. In his work he is always looking for the personal and emotional, creative stories through which he makes every subject recognizable to his viewers. Robbert is a self-taught filmmaker with an enormous work ethic who always manages to get to the heart of the story. Add to that his passion for film and his kindness and you understand why brands like Nike, Daily Paper and Umbro love to work with him.